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Nov 7

Rangefinder Magazine’s Top 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography

There was once this guy who sat in a small white truck reviewing construction sites and engineering plans.  The job was something that he had always hoped to have.  It held security and the pay was wonderful.  He thought to himself “I can retire here”.

Just the year before, he was laid off from another job that he had been at for 4 years due to the downturn of the economy.  In between these two job, he had discovered a new passion.  An album from his parent’s wedding in India drove home the idea of how important and amazing photographs are.  So with this idea, he started to teach himself photography.  Every spare moment he could find, was an opportunity to bury his head into a photography book or website.  His thoughts started to change.  What if…

Six months into the new job he started thinking, “maybe I can do this… do something I love for a living.”  He couldn’t shake the fact that his heart belonged to this passion.  So he spoke to his family and what his parents told him was something he wasn’t expecting to hear…

What you want to do is not easy.  It takes a lot of work and you have something so good right now.  But…we love you and what we want more than anything is for you to be happy.  If this is what you want, you have our support.

Even after all they had given up for him to have this secure future and a life they never did, they were willing to support an uncertainty just for the sake of his happiness.  How hard that must have been but without a doubt, they did exactly that.

A month later, he walked into his supervisor’s office and placed in a two weeks notice.  Off he went to make his dreams come true…

That was 3 years ago.

You guessed it, that “he” is indeed me. It’s been such an amazing journey and will continue to be just that.

I’m honored to have been selected for Rangefinder Magazine’s Top 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography this year.  I’m even more honored that all my clients put their faith in me and have me there to document their unique and incredible stories.  I want to thank you guys as well as my family, friends, and mentors who have constantly supported me to push this crazy idea to follow my dreams and make the hard decisions in order to find a better quality of life.

Thank you also to those that have nominated me for this.  Thank you for seeing something special in what I do.

Most importantly, I thank GOD for all the amazing things in my life.  My wife and family, and soon my son Jonah.

I love you all.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that has been an inspiration for me…




  1. Paige

    awesome story. I’m glad people like you are being celebrated – hardworking, and deserving, and original. Love your work!

  2. Shaun Menary

    Congrats man! You definitely deserve it. I’m so thrilled that you’ll be capturing our story!

  3. Kristian Leven

    Massive congratulations mate, and well deserved.

  4. gladys

    now im all teary. congratulations, nirav! couldn’t think of anyone more deserving!