Jun 2, 2014


I recently had the privilege of documenting an incredible artist for Kinfolk Magazine. If you make your way out to the beaches of San Francisco at low tide, you might catch a glimpse of Andres Amador creating some of his beautiful sand art. His artwork is unique in the sense that it’s something that lasts only until the ocean takes it away. Seeing his process was both inspiring and peaceful. You can see more of his work and get an idea of where he might be in the near future here. Also check out the story on him in Issue 12 of Kinfolk Magazine. A special thank you to my good friend Bianca Morra for assisting me on this shoot.


  1. amari kenoly

    Proud of you brotha. Keep giving us more.

  2. Syrena

    Organic. Beautiful. Calm. Andres Amador is perfectly in touch with his surroundings.

  3. Andres Amador

    awesome photos, Nirav! it was great to work with you and Bianca. And congratulations on your first shoot for Kinfolk. Its so great that your talents are bring recognized!

  4. Will Kim

    Congrats Nirav!! So happy for you dude!! These are amazing!

  5. Taren Maroun

    SO STUNNING. Seriously, man. Killed it, great work!

  6. ajja

    Really great.

  7. Matthew Osborne

    That guy is amazing, and beautiful Nirav style photos there to show it off Nicely.

  8. Christine


  9. ed peers

    You were perfect for this my friend. So great.

  10. Vicky

    AMAZING work of Andres and you ! Congratulations! I love Kinfolk but I´m in Argentina and it´s impossible buy the magazine! 🙁

  11. Meutia


  12. Boy Called Ben

    Art capturing art. This is amazing!

  13. Ember DeQuincy

    Stunning photos, Nirav…I love the story-telling feel of each image. Hope we all get to work together again!

  14. Rob

    Wowzer, that guy is amazing! Great frames dude!

  15. Bev

    Wow, beautiful shots!

  16. anthony hoang

    Amazing work from you both!

  17. Adam

    Beautiful photography and lovely art.

  18. Malou

    How beautiful are these photo’s!!