Feb 28, 2014

Meredith Adelaide. Quiet Moments.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat at the coast listening, observing, taking in the world. Life flies by and I often lose myself in what I’m doing. I forget to actually live. I’m too busy thinking about what’s next to enjoy what’s in front of me. These image are my reminder to stop, breath, and enjoy the quiet moments.

A huge thank you to my incredibly talented friend Meredith Adelaide for making these images possible. She’s an inspiration. You should explore her other works here and follow her travels on instagram here.

Music by Goldmund.

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Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide
Meredith Adelaide
Meredith Adelaide
Meredith Adelaide
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.
Meredith Adelaide.

  1. Luis Cabeza

    Master of Light

  2. Pretty Days

    I N C R E D I B L E work Nirav…. <3

  3. Mat Simpson

    Stunning work, my friend.

  4. Will Kim

    As always, amazing use of light Nirav! Beautiful set if images dude!

  5. Tonhya Kae

    these images speak so loudly to me. love love LOVE this session from you. Images 01801 & 0395 simply took my breath away. and meredith is such a babe. you make me want to do more of my personal work. great job my friend.

  6. amari kenoly

    You’re an absolute madman and these are freaking insane.

  7. Tina Sosna

    I’m speachless. These photographs are so truly beautiful. ♥

  8. Jaakko Sorvisto


  9. JL

    Well done mate. Soft, intimate and powerful images.

  10. Jonas Seaman

    So Gorgeous!

  11. Myekie

    There is a calmness to these images which really engaged me. So soft and yet very powerful. Amazing work Nirav

  12. Richard Pham


  13. Diana Flores


  14. Meutia

    GOD it’s so good!

  15. Girish

    Excellent pictures Nirav.

  16. OEIL

    I QUIT.

  17. Steve Fuller

    Beautiful portraits Nirav, stunning use of light!

  18. Priya Patel


  19. Gabriele

    Love these Nirav.

  20. Hannah Nicole

    Hands down, my favorite work of yours. Beautiful and evocative. Almost sad, but not in a lonely way.

  21. Vicky

    beautiful portraits! the color, the temperature…lovely!

  22. ed peers

    Incredible dude.

  23. Chris Turner

    Love the use of the mirror. Great images man.

  24. Karol Mierzejewski

    Poetry! This pictures are just beautiful!

  25. Simon Dewey


  26. Stephen Bunn

    Amazing compositions and use of light

  27. Hanneke Vollbehr

    Whattt! These are amazing!

  28. Arthur Rosa

    Oh my god! Your pictures are amazing Nirav! Congrats from Brazil.

  29. José Carlos Saban

    Bellísimo !

  30. Zosia

    Nirav, this is perfect! So, so perfect!

  31. Denver Fashion Photographer

    These are so beautiful! You have such a grasp on natural light. I have to admit I’m a bit jealous!


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  33. Miguel Hernández

    How beautiful light this is great