May 18, 2011

Nick & Surya. San Francisco, CA.
San Francisco Engagement Photographer


It was an amazing day in SF.  The sun had come out for the first time in weeks.  However, it wasn’t the weather that made this day so amazing but rather the company.  Nick and Surya are the type of people you become best friends with overnight…the kind of people you watch (and enjoy) corny horror flicks with… the kind of people that make you smile and laugh every second you’re with them…  the kind of people that take care of you when you can’t make it back home…the kind of people that show you what true love is all about.  It was an amazing day.  Love you guys.  -N

  1. Heather E

    You killed it with awesome. Holy amazing light, batman.

  2. Eric Yerke

    Superb work amigo

  3. Jordan

    Love these, love your work!!

  4. Gary Bradford

    The way you see is unreal man. Brilliant.

  5. Kat Braman

    jaw on the floor. mind blown. the one through the slats or blind is so crazy good.

  6. Fer Juaristi

    You just nail this one bro. Awesome set.

  7. Swikar

    awesome work!

  8. Michael Wachniak

    Amazing, sir. Amazing.

  9. David Robertson

    mate there is something very special about these images. i’m blown away.

  10. geneoh

    looks so good dude. my favorite session you’ve done.

  11. Nima

    Yes! Been waiting for these. Clean as usual!

  12. Drew W

    I’m scared of how much I love your work!

  13. otto

    i second what gary bradford said!

  14. Tonhya Kae

    Ahhh come take pictures of me when I fall in loooove. : )

  15. Michael Porter

    Wow. My favorite is the vertical b&w near the beginning. Killer.

  16. Christine

    one word: beautiful. 🙂

  17. Travis Shumate

    Beautiful set of images.

  18. Josh Elliott

    I agree with Genoh. So good dude, so good!

  19. Jakob

    You rock, Nirav. And your photography rocks. And the couple rocks. Epic.

  20. Michael Ash

    Your best work so far. Easy.

  21. J Shoda

    I’m running out of positive things to say about your work. This is an insane set though.

  22. daniel chesnut


  23. jeff ambrose

    i think i took a picture of that dinosaur pasting the last time i was in san fran. beautiful set my friend.

  24. benj haisch


  25. Anushe Low

    This is a beautiful set of images, wow.

  26. juste


  27. Chloe

    You are pretty much just amazing. I love the softness, the creativity, the seeing with a brand new funky fresh pair of eyes. You rock on an insanely awesome level of cool. It’s true.

  28. Julian Beattie

    Dude…. Super awesome. The tones in these. Wow! So rad, Nirav. So rad!

  29. aga + marcin

    oh my! Nirav – it’s beautiful…the colors, tones, mood… you rock!

  30. Tenielle

    I’m pretty much speechless. This set is beyond brilliant…and it was never-ending. Each and every frame better than the next. What a talent you have, what an incredible incredible talent.

  31. Jonas Peterson

    My peeps. This is awesome stuff, man. Hats off.

  32. Poser

    You guys make it easy 🙂

    Stupendous work my friend.

  33. amber

    this set is just gorgeous!

  34. Brian Davis

    Damn you for being so awesome 🙂

  35. Amber

    Brilliant. I love how you take regular old settings and make them gorgeous, wonderful backdrops.

  36. Geeta

    I love your pictures. Nice pictures.

  37. Amari Kenoly

    so good…love it yo!

  38. samm blake

    beautiful work nirav. you out do yourself with every new post. i love the way you see.

  39. Adam Houseman

    Absolutely gorgeous. Super well done. Love the way you see.

  40. Louie Abellera

    oh my

  41. Jen May Pastores

    buttery images! great job

  42. michele bowman

    i know i’ve said it before, but i adore your work!!

  43. shipra

    seriously, can a couple get better looking???! You rocked this shoot, Nirav. Can’t wait for next month 🙂

  44. Steve Gerrard

    It’s official! Thanks to Jonas, Erik and now these, Nick and Surya now have more amazing photos than any other couple on the planet!

  45. Andreas

    fantastic work as always Nirav!

  46. Anna Kim

    *jaw-droppingly* beautiful!

  47. cliff

    Way to push it to the next level man. Inspiring.

  48. Alan Thomas

    I really dig your work. Thanks for the inspiration!

  49. Jonathan Wherrett

    Sweet set of images Nirav, lovin’ the colours and mood.

  50. Sattish Patel


  51. AmyPunky Photography

    I love love love this session! I remember their amazing wedding! And now I see this beautiful session, full of love and happiness.

  52. Jessica Fey

    These are stunning. I love the image looking through the diagonal fence slats!

  53. Manus

    wow these are great!

  54. Poser

    …..yep, still amazing….

  55. Jessie

    Stunning work, as always!

  56. Sachin

    I feel like the world is a better place because of this couple, these images and you as a photographer.

  57. Sandeep

    Wow…really awesome.