Mar 27, 2014

Nick & Susie. Jenner, CA.

Nick & Susie.
Nick & Susie.
Nick & Susie.
Nick & Susie.
Nick & Susie.
Nick & Susie.

  1. Heather E

    “Sup, my name is Nirav but you can call me the dude. I make your engagement session look like something out of Lord of the Rings”

  2. Brian Schindler

    You sir, have taken things to a new level. Holy cow. I agree with Heather (above), this looks like it’s either in Lothlorien or Fangorn Forest. Well done friend.

  3. Tyler

    Dat light

  4. Girish

    Awesome. Those vertical shots are fantastic. Panoramas is it.

  5. Alan Law

    Just a little bit epic. Minus the ‘a little bit’ bit.

  6. BIN

    Wow, amazing photos Nirav!! I’m so impressed (and jealous) of how you work with the light.. And I’m so curios of what lens you used for this shoot, if I could ask? I really love the bokeh!

  7. Inta

    Your vision makes the world a better place to be at + that 1st comment by Heather E.

  8. Natalie Champa Jennings

    Incredible and inspiring. This is a gorgeous collection.

  9. Geeta

    Wow…… I love this photos Nirav.

  10. Matt Wiens

    You wizard, you. (gotta keep with the theme.)

  11. Joe O.

    Superb, my friend. Superb.

  12. Anto Foto Malaga

    I really love that use of light