Kambiz & Sara. Nestldown Wedding Photographer.

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What exactly was it about this day…

Was it that one of my favorite tracks from Sigur Ros was being played as she walked down the steps to marry him? Was it something about the way he looked at her and held her? Was it the sweet vows and promises they made to each other? Was it the way they loved each other and everyone around them so wholeheartedly? How about the way their friends all talked about them as being their heroes and role models? But perhaps it was how she held her father’s photograph close to her heart throughout the day. I think it was all of that and more that made it impossible for me to hold back my tears as I captured memories for these two incredible people. I love them so much and I will never forget the gift they gave me of being able to tell their story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kambiz & Sara.

Music by Sigur Ros.

A tremendous thank you goes to Amari Kenoly for shooting this wedding with me. He’s an incredible friend and artist. Please do yourself a favor and check out his site.

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  1. Man, normally I swing straight past ceremony shots on most blogs but they’re the ones I’ll remember from this wedding – amazing

  2. Absolutely amazing pictures!! They seem like such an incredible couple- your pictures truly tell a story!

  3. Wow. You keep on amazing me. Very inspiring how you captured all the emotions throughout the day.


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