Creative and sober. Good job ! 😉

First off congrats on your family growth !!!!, we watch two of you masters side by side, we love your processing better, incredible images. You both Awesome !!!

This is so good. Brilliant work Nirav.

Very creative photos Nirav….

Amazing Nirav! You are so clever! 🙂

incredible work, nirav…

Dude the red shoes on the carpet with the lines, so flippin awesome!

nirav you rock my world. simply awesome.

Absolutely killer frames, Nirav — nailed it, as always!

This is top notch, brother.

Yup. Right there, again! You the dude. Dude. And that portrait in the dappled sunlight with the shadow on the wall behind. BOOM.

sublime!! your compositions are perfection…

beautiful wedding and beautiful work my friend

Loved seeing it on Jonas’ site and now your collection of the days photos too. Super Awesome! 🙂

Everything in its right place. You’re the man, man.

So rad dude, your vision is just outstanding.

Your images always manage to transport me into the celebration. Outstanding.

Always blown away by your work, man!


Quel regard ! Un plaisir pour les yeux …

I already saw some of these in Jonas’ blog.. you guys killed it!

“This is how you shoot iiiiit!” (Montell Jordan). Amazing.

Beautiful frames bro. So many great moments!

Oh Wow! What stunning photos again Nirav!
I love inner arms tattoos and Bec’s looks beautiful!