Miles & Reshma. Jenner Couples Session.

When I moved here from India, my family and I lived with my Aunt and Uncle for several years. I consider their two daughters, Reshma and Gaurisha, my sisters because of the relationship and bond we’ve developed from growing up under the same roof. Reshma taught me the importance of moon walking, living life as a muppet, following your dreams and working hard to make them come true, and loving unconditionally. She has played such a crucial part in moulding me into the person I am today. I love her with all my heart and am so proud of her.

When I met Miles I was blown away by how perfect he is for Resh. He’s the kind of person you make best friends with from the moment you meet. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. I love these two more than words can describe.

Miles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & Reshmajenner-potrait-photographerjenner-potrait-photographerMiles & Reshmajenner-potrait-photographerMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & ReshmaMiles & Reshmajenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-potrait-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerreshma-miles-portraitsjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-potrait-photographerreshma-miles-portraitsjenner-potrait-photographerjenner-potrait-photographerjenner-potrait-photographerjenner-potrait-photographerjenner-potrait-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-engagement-photographerjenner-potrait-photographerjenner-potrait-photographerjenner-engagement-photographer

Music by Bombay Bicycle Club

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  1. These photos are fantastic. I absolutely love the silhouette shot of the bride and groom on the hill top, where half the sky is black and the other half is bright. These photos are extremely cinematic.

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  3. These are absolutely stunning. I am so inspired by the light and darkness and the authenticity. You captured them so purely, it is clear that you know them very well. Do you mind sharing what lens(es) you used for this shoot? Just beautiful.


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