Perry & Jessy have traveled the world living out of suitcases while building a company inspired by their love for each other and for creating custom pieces (bands) that truly reflect the unique love story of the people that wear them. I found a few lines from their website that highlight what they want their pieces to represent…

“Each thoughtful piece is a testimony to our human yet romantic nature of crashing through life with the elegance of an avalanche, learning from each scratch and dent we pick up along the way”

We saw first-hand how love can truly take you places and how important that journey is to living a life of abundance. We knew we wanted to combine our talents and work together to create something where love’s journey could be celebrated

Whenever these two arrive to a new place on their journey, typically Jessy peruses the book collections while Perry finds a comfy spot to play music. In between exploring their surroundings, Perry sets up his workshop to work on custom bands.  Seeing how much passion he puts into creating each band was incredible.  I also love that he’s had to invent new processes to get the unique look and feel that their pieces have.  I recommend taking sometime to learn more about Rhodes Wedding Co. here.

My hope with this session was to create something that they could keep and treasure for the rest of their lives, just as they do for their couples.  After spending only two days with them, I’m convinced they’re some of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve ever met and I’m honored to call them friends.  We had honest conversations that will stay with me for years to come and I’m so incredibly grateful for the impact these two have made in my life in such a short time.  Love you guys.

DAY 1: Arrival


DAY II: Mornings


DAY II: Exploring


Music by Keaton Henson & Gregory Alan Isakov


I dont know how I got here but wow, this is amazing!!

fantastic… this is a so complete photoshoot i would not change a single thing here

You are just amazing- i can stay and wonder in many of your pictures, more than portrait or picture, they are piece of art. Good job !

nirav… this is so killer.

Simply beautiful and amazing.

So… this is probably just the best portrait shoot/s ever

So, so stunning, Nirav! This one is one of my favourites. Took my breath away. x

Seriously man ??? This is certainly one of the most inspiring couple session I’ve seen for ages. This is a true story, wonderful told through an unspeakable mastered and heart full art. And those two are in love, without a single doubt.

Oh wow this is truly beautiful.

The dude .. Smashed this one.

You never fail to impress me Nirav, outstanding photography my friend.

So intense and so true. You perfectly told this story and frame this couple. Can’t wait to meet you at some point and may be doing cool stuff together. Take care mate.

Pure Inspiration men! Amazing!

Nirav, this is likely your best work so far. The intimacy you captured is hauntingly beautiful and delicate. I just felt, I was there.

Dude. Incredible. Love this!!!

Amazing! I’ve followed Jessy and Perry on Instagram for years now and love their love, talents, and way of seeing the world. You captured them beautifully! I could look at these images for hours.

The intimacy is hauntingly beautiful. I am blown away, as always. Excellent work.

Shit this is amazing. Amazing. Amazing sir.

Love this Nirav. So much feels.

Your storytelling abilities never cease to amaze me. These shots are all incredible in their own ways, from the bedroom to the coast and the night photography. Wonderful work, as always.

One word,Beautiful!

Incredible work: spectacular intimate meeting of two souls captured in such a sensitive way…simply beautiful as all of your shots, really. It must be an incredible feeling to be able to do what you do. Can’t even imagine how amazing it must be.

Amazing Nirav! Congrats!

This may very well have been the best blog post I have ever seen. Its certainly top 10. Nirav, you do an amazing job of capturing/showing the mood. I wasn’t able to listen to the music you attached but I barely needed it. I felt something when looking at these pictures and that doesn’t happen often. I said “wow” a few times as I was scrolling. I tip my hat to you, sir.

Wow…..dude this is really inspiring.