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praise from client

Marian & Elliot

Nirav’s work shines in a sea of sameness among wedding photographers. If you’re tired of looking at the same poses and want something different for your wedding, hire Nirav. This man is a genius and a prince among men and we are so beyond lucky to have had him there for our wedding.

If you’re here you’ve probably already seen examples of his work so you know you like his style. What you want to know is if he’s kind. If he answers emails. Shows up on time. Doesn’t yell at guests for taking their own photos. Yes, yes, yes and no. But more than that, Nirav told our story.

Our wedding was easily the most wonderful day of my life. I think about it every day, just to catch a glimpse of that joy I felt. When we got our photos back from Nirav last week, it was like I smelled something I hadn’t smelled since my childhood. The library. My grandma’s soup. It hit me all like a flood and suddenly I was there again and I didn’t have to try so hard to remember or imagine.

From start to finish, Nirav captured the essence of our wedding. From the chairs before set up to his drive back across the Golden Gate Brides at night, I can now re-live my wedding day whenever I want (with the added bonus of feeling seriously beautiful in all the photos he took).

Nirav captured the moments I missed (my friends coming in and greeting each other before the ceremony started) and the ones I want to re-live over and over (giving our dog a scratch on our way up the aisle). Basically, Nirav has a gift and I am so grateful I got to experience a glimpse of it.

Stop looking for a photographer now. Hire him.