Anne & George. Charleston, SC.

A historic Broad Street charleston home was transformed into a floral-filled oasis for this couple’s springtime soirée

George and Anne are more than just acquaintances to me, they’re like family. My journey with them started when I had the privilege of photographing Grace’s wedding, George’s sister, in Montana some time ago. That was my introduction into their world and is where I learned that they were the most kind and genuine people you could meet.

This occasion also marked my initial introduction to Anne’s family. Their kindness and warmth were equally striking, and left a deep impression on me. The wedding day itself was filled with heartfelt moments and intentional gestures. Anne surprised her mother with a dance to their special song before the ceremony and I had to hold back tears while capturing the moments. The tears and emotions during the ceremony added another layer of depth to this day.  It was apparent how much these two  love each other. 

As the evening unfolded, the dance floor came alive with choreographed dances and guest acrobatics. The entire event was held at Anne’s family home, which was magically transformed into what seemed like a renaissance masterpiece by Christina Baxter and August Design Florals. I was thrilled to discover that the wedding was featured/ published in Charleston Weddings Magazine. George and Anne are truly a remarkable couple and it’s an honor to know them and consider them as my extended family.