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My love for quiet moments started when I was seven years old. I lived in a tough neighborhood, which drove me to find shelter in a self-made sanctuary. I placed a large red tent on my bed and surrounded it with a moat of blankets and toys. Here I was safe from the rocks thrown through our windows and the neighborhood turbulence. Soon my imagination soared as loneliness drifted away and I found the comfort of solitude.

As the years passed, I went on to study numbers and formulas. I became an engineer and learned to see the world in lines and shapes. But it wasn’t until I picked up a camera that I found my passion and became who I was truly meant to be.

Today I get to tell stories through photographs. Stories of intimate days filled with quiet moments. With my camera, I set out to capture the fabric of relationships and the often-overlooked moments life has taught me to see. I still find the quiet in the chaos. And I endeavor to make clear what I learned in my red tent when I was seven: there is joy in simplicity, peace in turbulence, power in stillness, and beauty in darkness.

This site is dedicated to my sons Elijah and Jonah (& the whale).

Features, Clients & Contributions

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