Lotus Presets Bundle

4 Presets + Modifiers + Workshop

Five years in the making, this preset pack is the culmination of endless nights of adjusting levels and colors to create a versatile yet impactful set featuring beautiful skin tones while delivering a uniquely artful touch.



The LOTUS Preset Pack includes my go-to presets for editing portraits. They will breath life into your images by adding the perfect accent of color and contrast while prioritizing skin tones. This set was built for versatility to give you a timeless, fine art, or cinematic look with easy options for customization. My included educational video will guide you on exactly how to customize and tweak each preset in order to harness the full potential of what you can create with it and help you to create a look that’s uniquely yours.



Each Preset includes modifiers that simplify your workflow with a single click

The Preset pack includes a set of tools that can be used UNIVERSALLY on any preset

lotus workshop

1.5 Hours Of Video Content

Nirav covers his techniques for creative and beautiful color grades. He talks about the most important tools in post production that he uses and how to apply them to get the most out of Lotus. If you ever considered doing an online mentoring session to learn about color grading from Nirav, this included session is a huge added value to the Lotus pack as it covers just about everything you need to know about how he approaches his edits and how to customize presets to get the colors you’ve always dreamed of getting.


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