Jakob & Alexandra. Stockholm Wedding Photographer.

I can’t even begin to explain what an honor it was to shoot this wedding. Jakob is one incredibly talented photographer who shoots weddings all around the world with his company Nordica Photography. Besides being good friends, I have to say that they’ve been an inspiration to me and I’m so happy to see how successful they’ve been at their craft. When I was starting out I remember how much both Jakob and Cole supported me and what I did. They’ve been wonderful people to get to know and I am grateful for having them in my life. When Jakob asked me to shoot his wedding I was blown away. It meant more to me than words can describe.

When I arrived in Sweden I met Alexandra for the first time. She quickly made me realize how badly I needed to exercise. Being a dedicated yoga instructor and fitness enthusiast, I got to see what discipline and dedication was all about. She was also incredibly sweet and both Jakob and Alexandra made me feel like family while I was there. I love you both and I just want to thank you again for trusting me to tell your story.

Thank you to Cole, Therese, and Embla for hosting us at your home and showing us some of the amazing sites around Sweden. You guys are amazing.

Another thank you goes out to my good friend Amari Kenoly for documenting this story with me. I have to talk about this guy really quick. He’s seriously one of the most loyal friends anyone can have. When I need someone I can constantly rely on, he’s my go to. He’s always got my back no matter what and to top it off, he’s incredibly talented. Please take the time to check out his work and show him some love.

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Music by Goldmund.

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  2. Well done brilliant images. What an honour to be asked by Jakob to take his wedding photos, a bit like Lewis Hamilton asking you to take him for a spin! Also having Cole and Ed Peers watching from the side lines, talk about pressure!! You did a great job.

  3. This is something. I`ve seen the wedding photos of one of the my-top-list wedding photographers documented by another one guy from my-top-list wedding photographers.
    Nirav, you are something!

  4. I’m still amazed at your storytelling ability. You and Amari make such an incredible team (I should know ;). Another stunning and very moving body of work. I know they must be absolutely elated by these. Gorgeous, gorgeous work guys!

  5. loved looking at these Nirav. It’s so awesome seeing my favorite wedding photographers capture each other’s weddings. so special.

  6. Hey I love your latest wedding photos, I love the style of how to capture the moments with the Bride and Groom! I am a second shooter for a Wedding photographer and your work is very inspiring to me, thank you for sharing! I would like to ask about what camera you use and your 2 most favourite lenses and why? Thanks and happy shooting 🙂

  7. Do you just give yourself a mental high five with every frame you take? Daaaaang you killed this one. So amazing to see fresh work from you dude. Also glad to see Jakob take the plunge. Amazing.

  8. Amazing wedding, an amazing photographer, recorded by an amazing photographer!

    Congratulations for the beautiful job, Nirav!


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