Jack & Savannah put their hearts into creating this magical day for their friends and family to enjoy. There was so much that was personalized and many of the details including the arch was done my the bride, groom, and their family & friends. If I could do my wedding day over again, this is pretty much how I would want it to be…

Thank you to Brian Flaherty for shooting this day with me.

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Music by The Innocence Mission
2nd Shooter: Brian Flaherty
Venue: Pie Ranch
Planner: Bride + friends & family
Day-of-Planner: Katy Oursler
Florist: Molly Nakhamara
Florist 2: Julie Martin
Hair & Makeup: Kelly Jones
Local Harvest Catering
Companion Bake Shop
Music & Sound:
Andy Wilson & Band
Trish Lee
Alexis Party Rentals
Wedding Arch: Groom & Grooms parents


SUPERB¡¡¡ Congratulations¡¡¡ ;))))))

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nirav, that wedding is incredible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I adore the warm window lit light in these shots, and those sweeping woodland locations. So lovely…super interesting too!

“Nirav freakin’ Patel.” What I just text my friend after looking through these images. Blown away, once again.

A style all your own. Amazing work, Nirav.

Nirav, I have been looking at wedding photos for months and yours blow me away every time. I adore this one–the quiet, contemplative joy you capture is so, so perfect.

Excellent work. I love the one with two of them walking away with the full of the trees. 24 mm?

so incredibly beautiful, nirav. its always a treat when you publish a new blog post 🙂

geeeeez, dude. slow clap.

Your photography is just painfully beautiful. Takes my breath away. It was wonderful meeting you at Fallen Leaf last week. Thanks for your continued inspiration!

Just wow.. Playing with light..

Dude, I’m loving this. You guys did an amazing job. Story, tones, color, all on point.

So good my friend. the vibe, the tones. epic.

One of my favorites of yours, Nirav. And the paper cranes. Just gorgeous.
Beautiful family, story and documentary.

You capture light like nobody else.